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-Blasphemous Line Up- by HellLemur -Blasphemous Line Up- by HellLemur
I didn't feel like putting this as a vector just because of the flat look xD baha.

Anyhoot, this is just a simple line up of some main characters that mostly appear in my upcoming project Blasphemous. Only about two or three, maybe four you know of. >:)

I didn't give it exact height difference since I was pretty much referencing from stock photos. But yeah. It's good enough cause its classy xD Now onto some basic info!

::Tall One::
usually 216 pounds depending on form
All that he has ever been known for is appearing when a town, city, or inhabited area has gone down in ruin. None know of any true name that he has, this is where "Tall One" comes into play. He is in a way a specter of sorts, ghost like but sticks to his work in relieving those of pain. But whoever says it was for good....or evil?

The Miss "Lanabelle"
Looks 15, actually 24
Known as Miss to most, this girl goes about the barren lands in secrecy. She goes about gathering information for an underground clan of neutrals, but frankly could care less for a majority of what is left of humanity. One person she cannot seem to figure out, though runs into from time to time, is the spectral being known as Tall One.

A wild child of sorts, Myrian is one who works for an organization to keep certain people in line. But on most occasions she takes matters into her own hands for her benefit alone. Skilled on any transport device she is most likely seen riding her AirRyder. Her personality tends to be a little more than what most people say. No words can describe how dangerous she is.

Etta Sparks
A youthful girl of the Phyderian species, of whom is highly advanced in mechanics and has a mind for inventions. She has created countless machines and gadgets(from her big metallic claws to the giant robots she has hidden across the lands she has been around more frequently). She is intellegent, but also has a bratty sense when it comes to certain people. There are only some she gets along with, but once she senses something strange about someone...she will immediately try to eliminate them. Either that or let them test out her inventions.

A blind shaman whom speaks in a different tongue. He lives about the barren secluded lands of Ragheer'd. He is one of the few that have survived through the countless battles and conflicts that come along only once in a while through his life as well with his brethren. Adorned with that of the traditional skeletal tattoos...he is no way to be mistakened as a Skeller, of whom mostly inhabit the far off cities in the northeast.

art & characters (c) me
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WornOutLoveNote Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2008
Yay for the tall one and Myrian...I think I spelt her name right.... <.< >.> But yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *spazz flail fluff*
HellLemur Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2008   Digital Artist
Erm....well thats actually Lanabelle ^^;; or more commonly known as The Miss. Unless you were just talking bout Myrian in general. Thankies~!
WornOutLoveNote Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2008 forget now.
NGoff Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2008  Professional General Artist
Great way to present them. You should add a black border on the top and bottom only. This will frame the black silhouettes and hold the image together compositionally. This is like a teaser, but keeping prominent features recognizable. Nice!
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February 24, 2008
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